What’s Wrong With Astrology?

by Kevin B. Burk

This may seem like a strange question, especially coming from a professional astrologer, author, and teacher like me. I’ve written a dozen books (to date), including two comprehensive textbooks on how to interpret the birth chart, and I’m the Headmaster of The Real Astrology Academy. Astrology has been an integral part of my life for more than 25 years, and I know how powerful it is. And yet, as powerful as astrology is, it has some serious limitations.

Astrology promises big personal insights, but it never quite delivers on those promises. 

Your birth chart is supposed to be able to answer the most important questions about your life. But no matter what approach you take, you can never quite unlock those answers. 

The information you can find about your chart is either so general and impersonal that it could apply to almost anyone, or it’s so complicated and specific that you can’t do anything with it. 

In other words, what’s wrong with astrology is that most astrology isn’t personal, and most personal astrology isn’t practical.

But all of that is about to change.

Kevin B. Burk

Headmaster, The Real Astrology Academy

Kevin B. Burk is the Headmaster of The Real Astrology Academy.  Burk has been counseling professionally as an astrologer since 1996, and has clients around the world. He holds an NCGR-IV Certification in Astrological Counseling, and his website, TheRealAstrology.com is one of the premiere astrology resources on the Internet. He is the author of over a dozen books, including Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart (Llewellyn, 2001) and his latest book, Principles of Practical Natal Astrology: Talented Astrologer Training Book 1 
(Serendipity Press, 2015).

Most astrology isn’t personal.

You (and your birth chart) are unique, but the popular approach to astrology suggests that you are one of twelve personality types. And no matter how well you think the qualities of your Sun sign describe you, those descriptions could apply to almost anyone.

Computer generated reports that claim to interpret your entire birth chart aren’t that personal, either. These “cookbook” type interpretations go deeper than just your Sun sign, and they address the different parts of your personality, but they don’t give you an integrated, synthesized picture. 

Many people think that learning astrology is the answer. After all, you know yourself better than anyone, so who’s better qualified to interpret your chart? The problem is that astrology classes aren’t personal. Mastering the language of astrology to interpret your own chart is like becoming fluent in French to order off a restaurant menu. 

The most popular way to make astrology personal is to schedule a reading with a professional astrologer. Everything about that session will be personal because it’s all based on your unique birth chart. But that brings up the next problem with astrology.

Most personal astrology isn’t practical.

Your birth chart contains a lot of information, and you have a limited amount of time with the astrologer. When I first started counseling as an astrologer, I made the same mistake that many astrologers do: I tried to give my clients as much information as possible about their charts. My clients would nod and smile, but after about 15 minutes, their eyes would glaze over because they just couldn’t process any more. 

As I became more skilled as a counselor, I spent less time “reading” the chart and more time discussing it with the client, asking them questions about how they experienced it. My clients got a lot more value out of this approach, but the most we could do was explore one or two elements of the chart. This was effective counseling, but it wasn’t the astrology my clients expected because it didn't cover their entire chart. 

I stopped offering astrology readings because they weren’t practical. 

After more than 20 years of counseling as a professional astrologer with clients around the world, I stopped offering private astrology consultations. I know from personal experience that astrology can help you to become significantly happier than you are right now. But just learning about your chart won’t make a difference. You have to integrate that information and use it. And it takes more than one 90-minute session to make any significant improvements in your life. 

The solution to
these problems is Personal Practical Astrology

Personal Practical Astrology is a guided journey into your unique birth chart. 

It has the benefits of ongoing, individual astrology consultations without the cost, and the advantages of an astrology class, but everything that you learn will apply specifically to you. 

Personal Practical Astrology combines video classes, a comprehensive, custom workbook that’s all about your individual birth chart, and a revolutionary new approach to chart interpretation that focuses on the houses and not the signs.

The zodiac signs are not practical.

This is especially surprising because most people assume that the signs are the most important part of astrology. The popular view of astrology focuses exclusively on the signs. But if you think about it, the signs, and especially the personality traits that are supposed to be associated with the signs, just aren’t practical. 

The descriptions of the sign-based personality traits are so broad and general that they could apply to almost anyone. You can read about what your Sun Sign is supposed to say about you and you might be amazed at how accurate it seems, but then you can read another Sun Sign description and see yourself there, too. 

Before you can get anything practical out of the signs, you first must understand the planets, which are the most important elements of astrology.

Each of the seven personal or inner planets represents
a different set of needs and motivations.

The Sun is your need to express your authentic, individual identity; the Moon is your need to feel safe and to experience your emotions; Mercury is your need to understand and communicate; Venus is your need to experience love and appreciation; Mars is your need to take action and to go after the things that you want; Jupiter is your need to grow and expand; and Saturn is your need to accept responsibility, limitations, and structure. 

Each planet occupies a sign, and the sign tells you what language the planet speaks to meet its needs. This is how most natal astrology works today. The problem is that you can’t do much with that information. The planets and the signs are abstract concepts and it’s hard to connect them to your personal experiences. The houses, however, are concrete and specific.

The houses are the most practical parts of the birth chart. 

The twelve houses represent different parts of your life. The First House is your health and happiness; the Second House is your money and resources; the Third House is your familiar environment and your habits and routines; the Fourth House is your home and your foundation; the Fifth House is your creativity and fun; the Sixth House is your job; the Seventh House is your one-to-one relationships; the Eighth House is your debts and shared resources; the Ninth House is your beliefs and anything new or unfamiliar; the Tenth House is your reputation; the Eleventh House is your ambitions and goals; and the Twelfth House is your unconscious programming.

Each of these twelve areas of your life is ruled by one of the seven personal planets. The time and location of your birth determines which planet is in charge of which house. The needs of the planet express through that area of your life, and that tells you what that planet represents to you, personally. 

As an example, let’s explore your relationship to money,
which belongs to the Second House. 

If Saturn rules your Second House, for you, money is responsibility and authority; however, if Jupiter rules your Second House, then money is growth and expansion. If the Moon rules your Second House, money represents safety for you, but if Mercury rules your Second House, money is how you communicate. If Venus rules your Second House, money is how you express love and appreciation. If Mars rules your Second House, you use money to protect and defend yourself. And if the Sun rules your Second House, money is how you express your individual identity. 

You can apply this same process to all twelve houses and gain profound insights into every part of your life. This is what you will do during the Personal Practical Astrology program.

The signs are the very last things you will consider.

Personal Practical Astrology operates on three levels:

Level 1: Planets Ruling Houses

Level 1 explores the planets and the houses they rule. This level alone provides you with a wealth of insight into both your birth chart and your life. But if you like, you can go even deeper.

Level 2: Planets Occupying Houses

Level 2 considers not only the houses a planet rules, but also the house a planet occupies. This shows you where you encounter the affairs of the houses the planet rules, and it tells you what resources are available to that planet when it expresses. This is a key distinction. The planet that rules your Second House is your money, but a planet that occupies your Second House spends your money. 

Level 3: Planets in Signs

Once you have a concrete, personal understanding of what each planet means for you and how it expresses in your life, you can explore Level 3 and consider the sign of the planet. Signs tell you what language the planet speaks, and how and why the planet expresses. The personality traits associated with the signs will finally make sense to you because you won’t try to fit those traits to your entire life. You only express those traits when you are engaged in the affairs of that specific planet. 

The Personal Practical Astrology Experience

Eight Video Classes

Personal Practical Astrology includes eight individual video classes. The first lesson includes a complete introduction and overview of the program. Each remaining lesson focuses exclusively on one of the seven planets. Chapter navigation allows you to jump to the sections that apply to you, personally. 

A Personalized Workbook to Guide You Through Your Unique Birth Chart

Each week, you will download the sections of the  Personal Practical Astrology Workbook that apply to your unique birth chart. By the end of the program, you will have about 150 pages of detailed, personal interpretation that you can use to understand yourself and become happier.

Each section in the workbook includes a list of journal questions. These questions are how you make your chart come alive for you. They help you to connect the brief descriptions of each planet and house to your actual experiences. 

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