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What is Personal Practical Astrology?

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IMPORTANT: You must know your accurate time of birth to participate!

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How does the program work?

As soon as you register, you will receive access to Lesson 1, which is an overview and introduction to the entire program. You’ll watch the video, download the first section of the Personal Practical Astrology Workbook, obtain a copy of your birth chart, and fill out the “My Natal Chart” page so you have a quick reference of which houses relate to each of the seven personal planets in your chart. 

Three days later, you’ll automatically receive access to Lesson 2: The Sun. You’ll have a full week to get to know your Sun and consider the journal questions in the workbook, and then you’ll receive access to Lesson 3. 

At the end of 56 days you’ll have access to the entire program (8 Lessons total), but you can go through the program at your own pace. You will have access to the lesson pages and the videos for 2 years from your registration date.

But when you print your personalized workbook, that’s yours to keep forever! You can use your workbook to go through this journey as many times as you like. Each time you explore your chart you will discover more insights about yourself. 

How much time do I need to invest in this program?

If you invest just 20 minutes a day, Personal Practical Astrology can help you to understand and improve your life. 

Personal Practical Astrology is a comprehensive resource to help you to understand your life and increase your happiness. It contains a tremendous amount of information, but you don’t need to experience it all at once. 

You have access to the video recordings of Personal Practical Astrology for 2 years, and you will keep your workbook (which is the main resource you will use on this journey) forever. This means you can go through this journey multiple times. Each time you go through the process, you’ll be more familiar with it, so you can go deeper and discover more insights.

The first time you go through this program, you will focus on the Light Bulb Questions.

When you begin this journey the first time, set aside about 45 minutes once a week to watch the video classes and become familiar with how the Universal Puzzle Piece of the planet connects to the personal puzzle pieces of the houses in your chart. 

Then spend about 20 minutes each day, 5 or 6 days a week, going through the workbook. When you begin working with a new planet, you’ll read about the Universal Puzzle Piece, and in many cases you’ll spend 20 minutes completing worksheets or exercises about the planet itself to help you understand the shape of the Universal Puzzle Pieces.

Next, you’ll move on to the identity statements that connect each of the Universal Puzzle Pieces of the planet with each of the personal puzzle pieces of the house. For each house a planet rules, there are four identity statements. Take one identity statement per day, read the description, and then spend about 15 to 20 minutes answering the Light Bulb Questions. I recommend writing your answers in a journal, but if you’re not comfortable writing things down, just take some time to contemplate your answers to each of the Light Bulb Questions. 

Don’t worry about falling behind schedule!

If you follow this one-day-at-a-time process and invest 20 minutes a day, you will appear to fall behind in the lessons because some planets in your chart will rule more than one house. This means that instead of 4 days of identity statements to consider, you may have 8 or even 12 days to explore. 

Don’t worry about this and don’t rush the process!

Complete each planet in your workbook before moving on to the next lesson and the next planet. 

Remember, you have a full two years to watch the videos and download your workbook. Even though there are 8 weeks of lessons in this program, expect to spend about 12-14 weeks working your way through it the first time. 

You experience the benefits of this program when you create light bulb moments for yourself, and these will happen as you work your way through your chart at your own pace. The benefits are cumulative, and they grow as you move through the program. 

Once you do finish the program, you’ll have a basic understanding of your entire chart (and your entire life) and you can take some time to integrate and explore that. But just because you’ve finished doesn’t mean you’re done. You can go through the journey again and discover even more!

The next time you take this journey, you can add additional considerations, like the house the planet occupies or the sign of the planet. And you may even be ready to explore the more challenging Puzzle Questions. 

Why do I need an accurate birth time for this program?

Part of what makes your birth chart unique is that it’s a snapshot of the positions of the planets as seen from the location of your birth at the moment of your birth. Your birth time doesn’t matter much when considering the signs of the planets, because other than the Moon, the planets don’t move very fast. But the signs of the house cusps change rapidly.

This program focuses on the houses each planet rules in your chart, and that requires that you have a reasonably accurate time of birth. 

The best option is your birth record or birth certificate. Most birth certificates list the time of birth, and that’s considered to be the most accurate data available. But even if your birth time is approximate — say within 15 minutes — you can be reasonably confident about the house rulers and enroll in this program. If it turns out that your houses are wrong and the interpretations don’t resonate with you at all, you can take advantage of the Bulletproof Happiness Unconditional Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee and I’ll refund your tuition.  

How do I get a copy of my birth chart?

You can get a copy of your birth chart online for free. This tutorial video demonstrates how and where to obtain your birth chart.

Do I need to know how to read the symbols in the birth chart?

You do not need to know what the different astrology symbols mean. 

In the first section of the workbook, I provide a glossary of all of the important symbols, and instructions on how to identify which planets rule which houses in your chart. You only have to worry about any of this once. When you begin the program, you’ll complete this worksheet in your workbook, and that will tell you which workbook sections to download each week.

Do you have any sample videos of the program?

Yes, absolutely! The first video is a brief introduction and overview of the program. The other two videos give you a taste of how the individual classes work. 

I’ve studied astrology and already know my chart. What’s different about this program?

Personal Practical Astrology helps you to understand your birth chart without interpreting the planets in the signs. 

Astrology without the signs? That’s just crazy talk!

But if you take a close (and critical) look at the history of astrology, it isn’t. 

The astrology we all know focus primarily on the signs. Modern astrology has evolved as a system of personality traits associated with the signs. We assume that because astrology has been around for thousands of years that this is how the signs have always worked, but that’s not at all the case. 

The first written evidence of anyone interpreting the qualities of the signs as they related to the personality was in 1887, in a book by Hiram E. Butler, called Solar Biology. 

The placement of a planet in a sign — or to be more precise, the placement of a planet at a specific degree of a sign — mattered because that’s how you determine the Essential Dignity of the planet. Essential Dignity is a system that evaluates how much power a planet has at a particular degree of a sign, and it’s the single most important consideration when exploring astrology from a predictive viewpoint. This is what astrology looked like for thousands of years, up until the late 19th century when the new, modern, personality-based approach to natal astrology was invented. 

Evaluating the relative dignity of the planets in the natal chart is not very practical. And for a number of reasons (including the discovery of the outer planets), the system of Essential Dignities that was the core of astrology for thousands of years was not included in this new approach to understanding the birth chart. 

Personal Practical Astrology brings the chart into focus because it uses a microscope, not a telescope. 

Telescopes look outward and explore the macrocosm, while microscopes look inward and explore the microcosm. They both use the principles of optics to magnify objects so the human eye can see them, but they’re not interchangeable. You can’t flip a telescope to see the bacteria in a drop of water, and you can’t flip a microscope to see the moons of Jupiter.

For more than 2,000 years, astrology was used to explore the macrocosm using a telescope (both literally and metaphorically). When astrologers in the late 19th century began to use astrology to explore the microcosm of the personality, they did this by flipping the telescope. They took the same approach that works to answer questions about external events and tried to adapt it to answer questions about internal experiences. 

And the most fundamental assumption about this approach is that you view the chart through the lens of the planet, then the sign, and finally the houses. 

I personally spent more than 20 years trying to improve the telescope to bring the microcosm of the natal chart into focus. But when I switched the order of the lenses and focused on the connection between the planets and the houses first, before considering the influence of the sign, everything snapped into focus for the first time. I had turned the telescope into a microscope. 

Personal Practical Astrology focuses on the houses ruled by each planet, and explores the connections between the Universal Puzzle Pieces of the planet and the personal puzzles pieces of the house. No matter how well you think you know your birth chart or how many years you’ve been exploring astrology, I promise you, you have never experienced anything like this before.

Can I use this to interpret other people’s charts?

No. When you register, you are licensing this copyrighted material for your personal use only. I trust that you will download only the workbook sections that apply to your birth chart. 

That being said, once you do register, you’ll be eligible for a number of coupons and discounts that you can share with others who might be interested in this experience. 

If you would like to learn how to use this approach to interpret charts, check out the classes offered at The Real Astrology Academy

Do you offer any kind of money-back guarantee?

100% Money Back Guarantee for

60 Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

You can go through the entire program, watch all of the videos, and download your entire workbook to explore your unique birth chart. And if for any reason you think it's not a good fit for you, just send me an email and I’ll refund your entire tuition.

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Tuition for the Personal Practical Astrology program is only $299 per person.

IMPORTANT: You must know your accurate time of birth to participate!

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