What's Wrong With Astrology?

Astrology promises big personal insights, but never quite delivers on those promises. Find out why in this video!

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No matter how hard you try, you can never quite see your birth chart clearly…until now.

Can Astrology Make You Happy?

Astrology can help you to understand your life. But on its own, it won’t make you happy. You have to use what you learn.

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If you try to view the chart through the lens of the zodiac signs, you will never get a clear image. But when you start with the houses ruled, it snaps into focus.

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Is astrology a science?

Can your birth chart tell your future?

When did astrology really begin?

Do the zodiac signs matter?

Can astrology make you happy?

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Astrology promises big personal insights, but it never quite delivers on those promises. 

Your birth chart is supposed to be able to answer the most important questions about your life. But no matter what approach you take, you can never quite unlock those answers. 

The information you can find about your chart is either so general and impersonal that it could apply to almost anyone, or it’s so complicated and specific that you can’t do anything with it. 

In other words, what’s wrong with astrology is that most astrology isn’t personal, and most personal astrology isn’t practical.

Happiness is what you care about the most in life. 

You spend your life in the pursuit of happiness. But if you're like most people, you're looking for it in the wrong place. Happiness doesn't live in the outside world (where the light is better) and it's not something you can acquire. Happiness lives inside you, and it's something you experience when you discover the truth about your life.  

Every time you connect a personal puzzle piece with a Universal Puzzle Piece, you have a “light bulb moment.” You catch a glimpse of the truth of how you, personally fit in the universe—and that truth makes you happy. 

Astrology can help you to find a Universal Puzzle Piece and a personal puzzle piece and know in advance that they fit together so you can create a light bulb moment.  

Are you tired of fuzzy astrology?

Astrology promises that your unique birth chart can be used as a guide to understand everything about yourself. But whether you’re trying to learn astrology online or you’re having your chart read by a professional astrologer, you never quite get a clear image. 

There's definitely something there when you look at your chart, but you just can’t make it out. And even if you do see something clearly, you can't see how it fits in the bigger picture. It's too fuzzy.  

The problem isn’t astrology. The problem is how we’ve been using astrology for the past century. 

And to understand why this is, we have to consider the difference between a telescope and a microscope.